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Jump starter MP-V2
1.Jump starter,2.charge/supply for mobile phone,laptop,and automotive equipment, lighting
1.Select the appropriate voltage and connector for the electronic device to charge/power supply
2. Supply power for Mobile, Tablet PC, MP3/MP4, PSP, Camera and other digital devices.
3.Press the switch to start charging when your device connected with item
4.If you unplug the cable, auto-sleep will start in one minute
5.Five lights will flash circularly during the charging by item and all lights will keep bright when your device is full-charged
6.During the charging for your device, LED lights indicate the balance power of built-in battery of item
7.Four lights indicate 80% balance, three lights indicate 60% balance, two lights indicate 40% balance and one light indicates 20% balance
8.Built-in battery is empty when all LED lights start to flash
9.Press the switch five seconds to start If you want to use LED for illumination and select the status (light, strobe, SOS, close) by pressing the switch to transform
10.Store the product in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight
12.EMC CE FUC ROHS certificates
Capacity 12000mAh
Input 15V
Output 5 V/2A; 12V/2A; 19V/3.5A
Power bank weight: 500g
Full packing weight 875g
Color black, white
Size 260*180*50mm
Operating Temp 0°C~60°C/32°F~140°F
Lifetime >1000 cycles
Charging time 0-6hours
1*Jumper cable with battery clamps                 
1*Car charge                                 
1*power adaptor                                                    
8*mobile phone adaptor                                     
8*laptop adaptor                             
1*switch cable A                           
1*switch cable B                                                  
1*User manual                               
1*Gift bag                 
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